Saturday, August 21, 2010

Online Shopping of Anything a Girl Loves

Posted by Cielo Pagcaliwagan at 3:46 PM 0 comments

Practically almost any Metro girl has her own fetish for bags, shoes, belts and just about any other girly stuff that you can think of. Here in the Philippines and even Asia wide many online stores offering such items has proliferated in the internet. Some use the power of social networking such as multiply and facebook, other offer stuffs in online shopping portals like ebay,, while others would really go their way to start their own online website. This is similar to what the shop owner of Best HandBag Whole Sale does.

The online shop offer a whole wide range of wholesale handbags, wholesale belts, wholesale flip flops and many other wholesale stuffs. When we say wholesale – the price is relatively low but definitely the quality is at par. The shop has been in the internet online shopping arenas for 6 years now and has already proven its track record in providing girly stuffs to boutiques, retail shops. I just hope that there will also be similar online shop here in the Philippines offering wholesale price to online shop owners like me. This concept of offering wholesale stuffs online is a good business idea.
I see their design to be modern Mediterranean inspired. For bag hags like me it is just sad that unfortunately, the shop is not offering shipment internationally.
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