Saturday, January 10, 2009

Discovering Paying Post

Posted by Cielo at 1:36 AM

I have discovered another program which pays for the things that bloggers want to do – what else? Writing of course. Just like others it is my passion. I started blogging with just my passion in mind. I have consistently and actively blogging for nearly 3 years now and only a year did I realize that I can really be paid to do the thing which I do love. From them on I have never stopped writing and looking for programs that can give me a chance to earn thru writing.

Thanks to my constant bloghopping and I discovered Paying Post – a blogging advertising network where bloggers get paid to post.

Being a part of it is as easy as 1-2-3,

1. Go to their site and apply for a free account
2. Wait for the verification if your site is accepted (it is really fast believe me; this one of the thing which I admire with this program, they respond promptly....enough of those waiting time)
3. Write a post about an interesting product which Paying Post will assign to you and get paid in doing it.

Aside from the moolah which will be paid directly into your PayPal account on the first day of each month and there are even opportunities to get bonuses. The best post each pay period will earn an extra 25 (twenty-five) dollars included in their payout. Isn’t that great?

If you want to earn more they also have

Aside from writing reviews / posts, is also offering another way to earn money from your blog through its affiliation program. Simply tell your friend about PayingPost by creating an affiliate account and posting one of their banners on your site. You will start earning when someone creates an advertiser account under your account. The possibilities on earning is basically endless.

So what are you waiting for….Get it on!!!


Divorce Attorney said...

Guess I'll have to check this one out as well. I'll let you know if both sites do actually pay for blogging. Thanks for sharing

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