Monday, August 8, 2011

Euphoric Thoughts of a Mademoiselle Give Away

Posted by Cielo at 2:30 PM


Goodie #1
Avon Body Powder in IMARI
Purederm BB Cream (I just used this once, the expiration date is on 2013/2014)
Banana Boat ULTRA PROTECT Sunscreen Lotion SPF80 (for face and body)
Bath&Body Works Body Splash in Magnolia Blossom

Goodie #2
Estee Lauder Time Zone Line and Wrinkle Reducing Creme SPF15 mini sample
Estee Lauder Hydra Complete Multi-Level Moisture Creme mini sample
(these mini samples are great for you if you want to test the product first for 2-3 weeks! These are not yet used and I got these from my aunt in US when she visited us last June)
Daiso/Saizen Cleansing Cream
Bobbie Polish Regular in Grass Skirt
Bobbie Polish Holiday Collection in Flower Girl
Bobbie Polish Regular in Parasail

Goodie #3

Long Chunky Bracelet (bought in Hawaii for 15$)
Liz Claiborne shoulder bag in color light yellow plus a hint of gold? [this one was bought by yours truly in Macy's in USA. not sure if in Macy's but I am sure it is authentic! I have not used it since I bought it (which makes me sad) and instead of selling or throwing this, I decided to give it away] there is an itsy-bitsy tiny damage in the handle, but it is not noticeable!

length about 12 inches

length of the necklace . not sure but it is beyond my bra-length :)) ., it can probably reach your tummy area (for length references) the bag in the upper right is encircled, just to let you know that's the real color of the bag. The 1st 2 pics are lighter bec. of the flash.

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