Monday, September 29, 2008

Win 7500 EC Credits from 1993 Honda Civic Blog

Posted by Cielo Pagcaliwagan at 11:26 PM

Sponsor : 1993 Honda Civic
Contest URL :
Honda Civic Blog Contest Giving away 7500 EC Credits
Deadline :
September 30, 2008

1st Prize is 5000 EntreCard Credits
2nd Prize is 2000 EntreCard Credits
3rd Prize is 500 EntreCard Credits


You can earn 1 ticket for every comment you leave on any of his posts with a maximum of 15 total comments.

Below are ways to collect more tickets:

+1 Ticket: You can earn your first ticket by leaving a comment on this blog post.
+5 Tickets: Write a Blog post on your Blog which talks about this contest and link to it.
+1 Ticket: Digg this contest. Click the Icon below, then click Digg it and follow the instructions.
+1 Ticket: Stumble or Stumble Review this contest. Click the Icon below, then click StumbleUpon and follow the instructions.
+1 Ticket: Favorite this contest on Technorati.

Once you have earned your tickets leave me a comment on this post and let him know how many tickets you have earned and also include your UserID used for StumbleUpon, Digg and Technorati so I can double check this.


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