Friday, October 15, 2010

Chile's Miners Rescue

Posted by Cielo at 11:20 AM

The world has been a witness of the miners rescue trapped in Chile under 2,000 feet of rock to the surface. The 33 miners have bravely endured 70 days of being isolated and trapped down under. The long wait of the family was worth it. Though it takes time to rescue them, the plan was carried out strategically and logistically prepared thus not compromising the lives of the trapped miners. I had seen the outline of their rescue plan and I do admire them for incorporate “Twice-daily prayer sessions” in their daily tasks.

The world has been in awed and inspired by the rescue operation. It was a manifestation of hard work, team work and strategic planning. The support of the Chilean government has been a valuable help in the rescue operation. Based on the live telecast of the Chilean miner’s rescue, Philippines and other countries have lots to learn from them.

I noticed that following that we can take lessons from:

- Few people needed on site are allowed at the rescue areas, families of the miners being rescued and part of the rescue teams, a few medias and some important government officials.
- There were no grandstanding of government officials or other entities taking credit of the rescue.
- They are well-equipped thus they know where their taxes go. The rescuers are provided with proper safety gears like: work boots, overalls and rain gear.
- Apart from the logistics - Planning and unity is the key

What is also admirable is their government’s effort to take care of their miners for at least six months or until they have readjusted.


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