Friday, October 8, 2010

The Sad State of Employment in The Philippines

Posted by Cielo at 11:27 PM

It is very said to note that there are many college graduates who are unemployed and under employed. This is a indicator that the economy is not doing well. Here in the Philippines because of this problems on labor and employment – many Filipinos opted to work abroad to seek for greener pasture abroad. Overseas Foreign Worker (OFW) are seeking for opportunities outside of the country because of the scarcity of jobs. “Unemployment” and “under-employment” are just one of the labor and employment problems in the Philippines.

Wikipedia definition:
“Unemployment occurs when a person is available and willing to work but currently without work.”

“Underemployment describes the employment of workers with high skill levels in low-wage jobs that do not require such abilities.”

I know of someone who graduated with a degree in Management who settled in Singapore to work as a bartender instead of being employed in a management jobs. It is very sad to realize that being a graduate from a business degree does not guarantee you with a business management jobs.

Nowadays, many high school students have turned to be more practical. They are taking a course in Nursing or other medical field hoping that one day they can land a healthcare management jobs abroad.

You can just imagine the current state of the labor forve here in our country. If the college graduates find difficulty in finding a decent job under his skill set, how much more the undergraduates.


Joy said...

very true! there are thousands of graduates every year, and not all of them has the luck to get employment at once.

am blessed and thankful that my son is one of the lucky ones to have his employment right after graduating last year :)

thanks for visiting me at :)

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