Saturday, August 23, 2008

Blogging Olympics 2008 by Carl Ocab

Posted by Cielo Pagcaliwagan at 4:38 PM

Sponsor : Carl Ocab
Contest URL : Blogging Olympics 2008
Deadline : 25 August, 2008
Method : The contest will be a raffle draw. More tickets = more chances of winning!
Payout : Visit the contest site for details


The grand prizes

  • One link bait post (500 words). This will be written, fine-tuned and then widely promoted. If done correctly, this could mean tens of thousands of visitors, new RSS subscribers, links, and more worth $150
    Sponsored by Splashpress Media.
Tons of prizes :
  • $25 CASH!
    Sponsored by Home Business Blog.
  • $35 CASH!
    Sponsored by E-ContentSolutions.
  • $35 CASH!
    Sponsored by
  • $50 CASH!
    Sponsored by Scott Jones.
  • $35 CASH!
    Sponsored by Tom Tessier.
  • 10 advanced web hosting accounts for a year worth $36 each
    Sponsored by O2Host.
  • Five copies of an introductory presentation to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Physical if in the US) worth $100 each
    Sponsored by Life, Love & Learning.
  • Three copies of Terry Dean’s “Email Marketing Mastery Course” (Free Shipping) worth $97 each
    Sponsored by My Email Mastery.
  • Five copies of “Unstoppable Peak Performance Guide” worth $97 each
    Sponsored by Unstoppable Action.
  • One three month membership to Jack Humphrey’s “Social Power Linking” worth $90
    Sponsored by Social Power Linking.
  • 3000 Entrecard credits
    Three fast passes to cut to the front of the Entrecard line
    Three featured statuses to give you the coveted gold border around your listing
    One homepage slot to give your Entrecard placement on Entrecard’s homepage
    Sponsored by Entrecard.
  • 1000 Entrecard credits
    Sponored by Kiwi Pulse.
  • 1000 Entrecard credits
    Sponsored by Ejobtips.
  • One copy of “The Dip” by Seth Godin worth $16
    Sponsored by Money Relations.
  • Guess these flag bearers (below) and the country they are representing - 7 tickets

  • Make a blog post about the contest - 7 tickets
  • Include the prize list in the blog post - 10 tickets
  • Stumble the contest post and save it on - 5 tickets
  • REQUIRED Find at least one, Beijing Olympics token on my blog. You can find these tokens on other posts (Example) right after the article - 3 tickets per token found.
  • After doing any of the above,email to (Subject “Blogging Olympics 2008″) with all the stuff you’ve done and you’re good to go.


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