Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Win The Journey's CD/DVD and $10 from Rate My Philippines

Posted by Cielo at 11:51 PM

Sponsor : Rate My Philippines and partner with Blogs That Follow
Contest URL :
Win JOURNEY’s New Revelation 3-disc CD/DVD Album and Winners of First Round of Journey CD Album Giveaway Revealed!
Deadline :
Recurring contest for 3 months (from June 28 to September 28, 2008.) Announcement of Winner : 4 Winners will be notified via Email each month and RMP will also announce them on the contest blog on July 30, August 30, September 30,2008.
Open : To Philippines resident ONLY

Method :

  • This is not a raffle drawing. Winning will be based by point system. The first 4 people to get the most number of points at the end of each month wins. Rate My Philippines keep tab and update you at least twice each month!
  • You can’t win twice. Non-winners will be included automatically in the next round. If you rank 5th in the first month, you have the chance to win the item on the second month, just keep adding points!
  • Rate My Philippines feel there ’s more transparency and credibility in winning by points rather than by raffle. The highest number of points gets picked as winner rather than RMP just announced who won from a private drawing held.

Payout : Delivery of CD/DVD & payout for cash (not mentioned)


Mechanics : For the complete mechanics visit : Win JOURNEY’s New Revelation 3-disc CD/DVD Album


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