Sunday, August 24, 2008

Contest of Sports Sexiness by The Sports Dollar

Posted by Cielo Pagcaliwagan at 2:49 AM

Sponsor : The Sports Dollar
Contest URL : Sports Dollar's Contest of Sports Sexiness!
Deadline :
04 September, 2008
Announcement of Winner :
05 September, 2008
Method : Draw
Payout :
Visit the contest site for details (EC credits, AdSpace etc)

*$50 Gift Card will be chosen by the winner.
**All 125x125 Ads will be run on the participating blog for a full month.


  • (+5) - Write up a quick post about the contest linking back to this post!
  • (+5) - Subscribe the Sports Dollar's RSS Feed
  • (+1) - You will receive 1 Ticket to each blog in the contest that you link to in your contest post. A chance to have an extra 22 Tickets here!
  • (+1) - You will receive 1 Ticket for each RSS Feed of a participating blog that you subscribe to. Another chance to rack up 22 more Tickets!
  • (Bonus Tickets) - If you complete each step to the contest, you will receive a bonus of 10 Tickets!
  • Leave a comment on the contest blog post and list what you have done.


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