Saturday, August 23, 2008

Join the BROOD Cyber Earth Caravan and Win 5,000EC

Posted by Cielo Pagcaliwagan at 3:51 PM

Sponsor : Newz Around Us
Contest URL : Join the BROOD Cyber Earth Caravan and Win 5,000EC
Deadline : 01 October, 2008
Method : Not mentioned
Payout : EC Credits and for the cash (not metnioned)


Win 5,000 EC credits and $10.00


Bloggers and website owners are encouraged to join the EARTH CYBER CARAVAN and talk about the environment and about World Creative Youth Forum 2009


Shen said...

Thanks for this and I am encouraging everyone to join the contest and help us save the Earth through information campaign about environmental topics... we will also add links to your posts.

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